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Station Name: ICRAF Research Station

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 953, Machakos

Phone: +254-0145-30229/30286    Fax: +254-2-521001   Email:

Contact person: Dr. Meka R. Rao

Year of establishment: 1981 

Geographic location:

latitude: 1 33' S
longitude: 37 14' E

Area (hectares): 80

Affiliations: International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF)

Is the Field Station open all year? yes

Permanent Staff:

Scientific: 5

Technical: 15

Does your field station have a specialized area of study? The station is involved in research related to agroforestry for semi-arid regions

Is the Field Station available to visiting scientists and/or students? Yes

Are Research Grants available? No

Are Internships available? No

Describe the Biotic communities available at the Field Station? Shrub, Tropical Savanna, Agroecosystems.

Which facilities are available at the Field Station? (Check those which apply)

Lab Space: yes


Cabin Beds: 3


Kitchens: yes

Describe significant equipment and/or special equipment  available at the Field Station: soil and plant analysis lab, root measuring equipment, root scanner, infrared gas analyzer.

Are there recreational opportunities?  No

Additional Comments: The station is 75 km away from Nairobi so it is possible to stay in Nairobi and commute to and from Machakos.

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