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Station Name: Ayacara Biological Monitoring Station

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 100-9 Providencia, Santiago, Chile, attn: Science Station

Phone: 562-232-3407        Fax: 562-233-6801       Email:

Contact person:  Luis Valladares, Richard Vercoe, Pablo Sandor

Year of establishment: 1998  

Geographic location: Peninsula Huequi, Chiloe Continental, Southern Chile, Tenth Region

latitude: 42.18 south 
longitude: 72.46 west
elevation: 500 meters

Area (hectares):  10,000 hectares

Affiliations: Ayacara Foundation, Clayquot Biosphere Project (Vancouver Island, Canada)

Is the Field Station open all year? Yes

Permanent Staff:

Scientific: Dr. Luis Gonzalez, M.A., Anna-Maria Aquilera, Luis Valladares

Technical: Richard Vecroe, Pamela Gijardo, Pablo Sandor, Carlos Alvarado

Does your field station have a specialized area of study? Forest Ecology

Is the Field Station available to visiting scientists and/or students? Yes

Are Research Grants available? No

Are Internships available? No, Perhaps in the future

Describe the Biotic communities available at the Field Station: Coastal Temperate Rainforest, Fitzroya cupressoides (Alerce)

Which facilities are available at the Field Station? (Check those which apply)

Lab Space:

Dorms:                                      Number of Beds: 9, plus tent space

Cabins:                                      Number of Beds:

Meals: available by request


Describe significant equipment and/or special equipment  available at the Field Station:

Chemical Lab, Spectrophotometer, pH meter, consistometer, 4 microscopes, stereo scopes, Climate Station, test tubes, Sampling equipment, Portable lab equipment

Special equipment: Sherman traps, climbing ropes and harnesses, Biological treatment plant

 Are there recreational opportunities?  Yes, sea kayaks, inflatable kayaks, hiking trails, beaches.

Additional Comments: 

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