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Station Name: Edward Percival Field Station

Mailing Address: The Esplanade, Kaikoura, New Zealand

Phone:  +64 3 319 7700     Fax:    +64 3 319 7701      Email:

Contact person: Jack G van Berkel

Year of establishment: 1962

Geographic location:

latitude:  42  25S
longitude: 173  42E 
elevation: Sea level

Area (hectares): 1

Affiliations: University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Is the Field Station open all year? Yes

Permanent Staff: 1

Scientific: 0

Technical: 1

Does your field station have a specialized area of study? Emphasis on Marine Biology

Is the Field Station available to visiting scientists and/or students?  Yes

Are Research Grants available? No

Are Internships available? Through the University of Canterbury

Describe the Biotic communities available at the Field Station? 

        Marine - Mammals, pelagic, coastal, sheltered/exposed shores, deep sea
        Alpine fauna and flora
        Rivers and Lakes
        Native forests - native birds, insects, flora

Which facilities are available at the Field Station? (Check those which apply)

Lab Space: Yes

Dorms:  Yes                                  Number of Beds:  32

Cabins: Yes                                   Number of Beds:  6

Meals: By arrangement

Kitchenettes: Yes

Describe significant equipment and/or special equipment  available at the Field Station:

Chemical Lab: Yes

Temperature controlled rooms: Yes

Sampling equipment: Yes

Boats: 2

Special equipment (please list): Computer network (PC) Internet access. Diving compressor. Reference collection. 

Are there recreational opportunities?

Additional Comments: 

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