IOBFS Directory Form

Station Name: Kananaskis Field Stations

Mailing Address: Bio 186, University of Calgary,  2500 University Dr. NW CALGARY, AB. CANADA. T2N 1N4

Phone: (403) 220-5355     Fax:   (403) 673-3671      Email:

Contact person: Dr. E.A. Johnson

Year of establishment: 1950 

Geographic location:

latitude: 51 2N 
longitude: 115 2W
elevation: 1393 m..

Area (hectares): n/a

Affiliations: University of Calgary

Is the Field Station open all year? Yes

Permanent Staff: 7


Technical: 1

Emphasis of Field Station (i.e. research, education, preservation): Research and Education

Does your field station have a specialized area of study? If so, what is it?  No

Is the Field Station available to visiting scientists and/or students? Yes

Are Research Grants available? No

Are Internships available? Summer Undergraduate Internships (2)

Describe the Biotic communities available at the Field Station? 
        Alpine Tundra, Boreal Coniferous Forests, Temperate Grassland
        Lentic: lakes and ponds
        Lotic: rivers and stream
        Wetlands: marshes, swamp forests, and bogs

Which facilities are available at the Field Station? (Check those which apply)

Lab Space: Yes

Dorms:  Yes                         Number of Beds: 58

Cabins:  Yes  (10)                Number of Beds: 60

Meals: Yes

Kitchenettes: Yes

Describe significant equipment and/or special equipment  available at the Field Station:

Chemical Lab: Yes

Temperature controlled rooms: Yes

Sampling equipment: Yes

Boats: 1 small aluminum

Special equipment (please list): GPS units, GPS Base Station 

Are there recreational opportunities?  hiking and mountain bike trails. Beach on glacial-fed lake.

Additional Comments: 

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