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The goal of IOBFS is to assist field stations worldwide by promoting communication among field stations and communication between stations and the general public.  This information gathered from this form will serve as a source of information for the International Directory of Field Stations, published and distributed by IOBFS. After completing, please email to OBFS International Committee Chairman  Dr. Richard L. Wyman, (as Word or HTML file attachment) or mail to The Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve and Biological Research Station, PO Box 189, Rensselaerville, NY 12147 USA.

Station Name: Desert Research Foundation of Namibia

Mailing Address: Desert Ecological Research Unit of Nambia at Gobabeb, PO Box 1592, Swakopmund, Namibia

Phone: +254-641-61604    Fax: +264-641-61300 

Contact person: Dr. M.K. Seely

Year of establishment: 1963 

Geographic location:

latitude: 23 34' S
longitude: 15 03' E

Area (hectares): access to Namib-Naukluft Park with 4976800 ha.

Affiliations: The station is part of a non-governmental organization collaborating with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

Is the Field Station open all year? yes

Permanent Staff:

Scientific: 5 (1 permanent, 4 semi permanent)

Technical: 1

Does your field station have a specialized area of study? The station is involved in arid lands research, education and preservation (through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism).

Is the Field Station available to visiting scientists and/or students? Yes

Are Research Grants available? No

Are Internships available? No

Describe the Biotic communities available at the Field Station: Herbaceous Desert, Lotic Waters (ephemeral rivers and salt stream).

Which facilities are available at the Field Station? (Check those which apply)

Lab Space: yes


Cabin Beds: 25 in 4 units


Kitchens: yes

Describe significant equipment and/or special equipment  available at the Field Station: soil and plant analysis lab, root measuring equipment, root scanner, infrared gas analyzer.

Are there recreational opportunities? Some

Additional Comments: 

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